Terms & Conditions


When a booking is successfully placed (which is evidenced by you receiving an instant confirmation email from us), you agree to make payment of the agreed booking price via PayPal, to a specified account.

Refunds, Changes and Cancellations

Not all suppliers will accept changes once they have received your booking. It may be possible to change your booking, but this will be at the discretion of the supplier. Additional fees may apply.

The cancellation policy for each service is as follows (unless a different policy is specified by the activity supplier, transfer supplier or hotel, which will be shown on the booking page for the applicable service):

  • Cancellations made at least 24 hours prior to activity date - Full refund will be issued.
  • If you do not attend at the agreed date, time and place, you may not be entitled to any refund from the activity supplier.
  • Customers who cancel due to personal reasons (such as sickness) which doesn't allow them to attend the activity on the day will only be entitled to a refund if allowed in accordance with the applicable cancellation policy.
  • Gift Voucher purchases are non-refundable and not redeemable for cash.

Please contact our Customer Service Centre with your booking details for further information.

In the event the Supplier cancels

  • If your activity is cancelled due to reasons outside of the supplier's control, including cases such as bad weather or mechanical breakdown that prevents your activity from going ahead on the scheduled date, you will be given the option to reschedule the activity, or receive a refund on the activity.

Lack of Availability

We enable you to make bookings from inventory supplied by each activity supplier. We cannot accept any liability if a booked activity session is unavailable. In this event, you will be entitled to a full refund from the activity supplier. We do not guarantee the availability of any of the activities published on this website.

Site information

It is the supplier's responsibility to provide an accurate description of their activities on this website. We make every effort to ensure all information displayed on our site is accurate. However, we are unable to guarantee that the site is free of errors or faults. We reserve the right to change information displayed on our site (including these Terms & Conditions) at any time without notice to you.

Pricing Policy

All of our prices are in Thai baht (THB) and include tax. Prices are regularly updated when price changes are received from our suppliers.


We will not be liable for any losses, damages, liability, claims or expenses (however caused, including negligence, and whether direct, indirect or consequential) arising from the use of our site or any products or services purchased on our site. We make no guarantees of the fitness or suitability of any product or service displayed on our site or any linked site. In circumstances where we are liable, that liability is limited to the value of the booking made.